Hunt difficult to catch Kri-Kri Ibex in Greece!

kri kri ibex hunting in greece

The ibex hunt is an unbelievable getaway and also amazing hunting expedition in Greece. It is not always a challenging quest and unpleasant conditions for most hunters. What else would certainly you such as to dream of throughout your scenic tour of old Greece, diving to shipwrecks, and searching for Kri Kri ibex on an exotic island for 5 days?

kri-kri ibex

This Ibex is not a little Capra aegagrus bezoar ibex, which has moved to the western extremity of this types' variety. The kri-kri (Capra aegagrus cretica), also called the Cretan goat, Agrimi, or Cretan ibex, is a feral goat living in the Eastern Mediterranean. The kri-kri has a light brown coat with a darker neck collar. 2 sweeping horns project from the head. During the day, they conceal to prevent tourists. In nature, the kri-kri can jump or climb relatively sheer cliffs.


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What is Kri Kri Ibex (Capra Aegagrus Cretica) and how you can hunting in Greece legaly

Knowing the appearance and behavior of the Kri Kri ibex is crucial for successful hunting in Greece. The Ibex is the smallest of all wild goats and has the longest horns of any species (Capra Aegagrus Cretica). The Kri-Kri is the smallest ibex by body weight, but not by the length of its horns. A few specimens that were hunted without being reported were as big as 115 cm. The gold medal trophy is 61 cm (24 inches) in length. Currently, Kri-Kri ibexes are hunted in Greece. Hunting is available in Atalanti and Sapientza as well as on the mainland. An Ibex is hunted on Atalanti throughout the last week of October and the first week of December. On Sapientza, the hunting season lasts throughout November and sometimes the first week of December, depending on weather conditions. Kri-Kri ibexes are hunted on the mainland beginning in September and ending in October/November.

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